VitaMix CIA Professional Series Blender Ruby Red

Vitamix Professional Ruby Red CIA Blender - Professional Gourmet Performance for the Home
Preferred By The Culinary Institute Of America

Create amazing dishes with the VitaMix CIA Professional blender! These blenders are used by the Culinary Institute of America for one reason, they perform! The blend quality with the CIA Professional blenders, or any Vita-Mix blender just can't be beat. When you combine the BPA free wet blade container with the variable speed dial of the CIA blender you have the potential for almost limitless creations!

With one machine you can perform 35 different cooking tasks, making this one of the
most versatile units in your kitchen. You can quickly expand your cooking horizons with the included recipes, knead bread, create ice cream, powder sugar, emulsify dressing and make a hot soup. All of these functions are possible thanks to the Vita-Mix blade design and the variable speed dial.

The CIA Professional blenders are equipped with a powerful 2 horsepower motor that allows them to easily process almost anything you through at them, they can even grind grain! The blender is backed by a 7 year warranty through Vita-Mix so you know it is built to last. If you need a professional quality blender that will perform and last the Vita-Mix CIA Professional blenders are for you!

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