Gowe Electric 500g Home Coffee Roaster,coffee Bean Roaster Machine.coffee Maker

Power: 1000W. 
Voltage: 220/110V(Customize). 
Color: Black, brown and gray. 
Size: 45*22*22cm. Weight: 5.5kg. 
Capacity: 300-500g, suggest 350g each time. 
Baking Time: 12~25 minutes. 
Baking Method: Direct fire baking of roller. 
Inner Construction: Stainless steel. 
Outer Cover: High temperature resistance ABS. 
Manual control or automatic control of all parameters during the roaster in real time. 
Programmable auto-eject points for time and temperature, electronically high temperature safety protected system. 
Cooling cycle: Special cooling button to cool the beans down to approximately room temperature in less than five minutes. 

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