Coffee-Tech SOLAR 2 Kg Automatic Shop Roaster Roasting Machine

Coffee-Tech SOLAR 2 Kg Automatic Shop Roaster Roasting Machine; 100% metal structure; CE, RoHS and EMC Compliant; Computerized Control; Remarkably Silent; Batch Capacity from 1.1 to 4.4 lbs of Green Coffee; 16-18 minutes Roasting Cycle for a 2 Kg Full Capacity Batch; 220-240 Volts 50/60 Hz. 3200 Watt single phase; Direct drive heavy duty gear motor 1/8 HP, AC; Specially made high temperature metal infrared electric heating elements 3X1000 Watt; Heating Methods: Infrared radiation, convective air, conduction, thermo-siphoned heat; Roasting Methods: Rotating drum with limited fluid bed; Cooling in-drum and outer cooling group; Large pyrex lens for easy monitoring of roasting progress; Digital double temperature controller for heat control allows determining temperature range for roasting; Detachable 100% efficient centrifugal cyclone. Made of welded heavy gauge steel, with quick release thumb nuts for thorough cleaning; Single duct exhaust, 4” standard diameter. attached with quick release thumb nuts for easy cleaning; Maintenance is done by emptying and periodical cleaning of the chaff collector and exhaust tubing only, chaff blower does not need any cleaning; Dimensions 57W x 76D X 73H cm; 41 Kg Unit Weight

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