Hottop Home Coffee Roaster KN-8828P-2K (Old Model - KN-8828P-2)

The Hottop KN-8828P-2K (replaces the KN-8828P-2) is a fully programmable coffee roaster. With its roots firmly established in the dependability and solid design of the original KN-8828 analog-display, pre-programmed model, and with its predecessor the KN-8828D digital-display model, the new "KN-8828P-2K Programmable" will allow the user to modify the roast program to suit their needs, satisfy their personal taste, or best match their preferred coffee origin and brewing method. The user pre-sets the time, temperature, and fan speed for eight segments of the roast, and the Hottop P model does the rest. This model has recently been updated with an emergency manual eject mechanism for increased safety. The Hottop also comes in a basic, full-control model, the KN-8828B-2-K.

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