Bamix 150-Watt Superbox M150 Immersion Blender Set 105.049

Making quality immersion blenders for the home since 1950, Bamix is a staple among the immersion blender market. The Bamix SuperBox Immersion Blender is a wonderful option for those who are preparing foods for your family. The Bamix Superbox Immersion Blender comes with everything you could need for home operation including processor attachment, multifunctional SliceSy attachment, along with the basics like whisk, beater and multipurpose blade. This Bamix Immersion blender also comes with a table stand so your immersion blender can always be out and ready for any cooking task. The Bamix Superbox Immersion blender is a great option for pureeing soups, making, sauces, and even mincing meats and vegetables right in the pan or pot.

The powerful 150 watt DC motor offers a quiet operation without any loss in torque or power. This 2 speed immersion blender delivers 9,000 rpms at speed 1 and 12,000 rpms at speed 2. All Bamix Immersion Blenders are constructed from rust-free materials including stainless steel and high grade plastics.

Bamix Immersion Blender Features:

Two Bamix Immersion blender settings
Setting 1: 9,000 rpm
Setting 2: 12,000 rpm
Includes everything you need for home use
150 watts Bamix Immersion blender
Quiet operation
Bamix constructed from rust-free materials
Immersion blender shaft length is 4.75 "
Overall immersion blender length is 13.58"
Great for pureeing soups and sauces as well as mincing meats and vegetables
Made in Switzerland since 1950
Bamix Three-year warranty on motor and 2-year on parts
Bamix Superbox Immersion Blender Includes:

The multifunction SliceSy attachment
Food processor attachment
Meat and vegetable blades 
Swissline table stand in graphite color
900ml jug
Recipe and instruction booklet

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