Ninja Euro Pro Master Prep QB900

Ninja Euro-Pro Master Prep Food Processor- Winning Performance Every Time

Rule the kitchen with this revolutionary food and drink maker. The Ninja Euro-Pro Master Prep Food Processor has you crushing ice in seconds and whipping up delicious drinks, deserts and dips in the blink of an eye. A powerful motor, dual blade assembly and one-touch easy operation help you conquer every recipe on your roster thanks to its incredible functionality and speed.

Operating as a blender one moment and a food processor the next, the multi-purpose Ninja Master Prep has you making  perfectly chopped salads, salsas and dips quickly just in time for dinner or when you’re running short at the party. No uneven chunks or mush-your side dishes will be perfect every time.  And to sweeten things up, you can whisk up perfect, creamy frozen drinks and desserts with the same ease and perfection. Its interchangeable motor head gives remarkable results whether it’s chopping vegetables in a 16-ounce bowl or making smoothies in a 48-ounce pitcher. With your Master Prep Food Processor churning out restaurant-style smoothies and salsas at home, you’ll be the undisputed champ of the kitchen arena. 



  • Includes two convenient storage lids to keep your creations fresh for longer
  • Dual- technology for uniform cutting and ice crushing action
  • Powerful Master Pod that easily switches from the Mini Master Prep (ideal for chopping) to the Master Prep Pitcher (perfect for frozen drinks and smoothies)
  • Splashguard and non-slip bases
  • One-touch pulsing gives simple operation, control and consistent results
  • A recipe book delivers fantastic ideas for tasty treats and other food masterpieces
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe and microwave safe for easy prep and cleaning

Accessories Included: 48 oz Pitcher w/quad blades, 2 Cup Processor w/quad blades, interchangeable pulser 2 storage lids

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