Blendtec Signature Series Blender 9000102

Kickstart your mornings with delicious real-fruit smoothies! Prepare hot soups in minutes for instant hearty meals! The Blendtec Signature home blender has a sleeker motor base and simpler control panel than the acclaimed Blendtec Designer, but with the exact same motor and many of the same features. This affordable Blendtec blender, made popular by the Will It Blend? video series, has power and features bordering on commercial quality. The Blendtec 9001026 Signature Series blender has icon-based buttons for each of its 5 preprogammed blending cycles (Ice Cream, Smoothie, etc) and 5 manual blending speeds. Intermittent blending for chunky salsas & chopped nuts can be activated with the pulse button. This sealed button design prevents food debris from getting underneath the control panel. See bullets for more details. Click to return to the Blendtec home and commercial blender index « less

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