Blendtec A3-31E-BHMV Connoisseur Professional Blender Series

Possibilities for food and beverage preparation are nearly endless with the Blendtec Connoisseur Professional Series Blender at your beck and call. Folding in the ability to perform like multiple kitchen accessories, it is one neatly designed unit that brings commercial power to home spaces. The convertible base with removable housing lets you customize as a drop-in to save counter space and to reduce noise. When you need portability, just refit the base and move to the bar or outdoor entertaining area. Beyond the basics of blending and pureeing, the Blendtec Model A3-31E-BHMV can crush ice, knead dough, liquefy fruits and veggies for smoothies, make margaritas and create sauces. A one-button cycling feature moves through low and high speeds as needed without pulsing. For small or large quantities, you can switch between the smaller 2 quart FourSide carafe and the 3 quart WildSide jar. Both are constructed from BPA-free Tritan copolyester components and feature capacity markings. For most tasks, there is always power to spare with the direct-drive 1560-watt motor design. Moving solids and liquids around, folding them over, and blending them together is the responsibility of a wing-tip cold-forged blade that reduces the need to remove air pockets. Measures 17 x 5.75 x 7.5 Inches 

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