Blendtec 100340 Countertop Stealth Blender with 3 qt WildSide Jars

Blendtec Stealth Blender What can't this blender do? This is the Ultimate package of Powerful and Quiet. Before you had to choose, do I want a more powerful blender that sounds like a chainsaw, or do I want a quieter blender that blends like a pencil sharpener. Well Blendtec has been using their R&D department very well and have come out with the new Blendtec Stealth Blender! The basics of this blender are the sound enclosure and the design of the new touch pad controls. That's right, no more buttons or knobs, everything is touch pad sensitive. The sound enclosure is locked down tight with rubber housings all around the sound shield and even around the base by the motor. This blender is truly the quietest blender on the market. The Blendtec Stealth has a 15 amp motor and is a whopping 1800 Watts. The touch pad controls are illuminated for dark areas, and the touch slider is changeable for a more manual control. There is a USB interface for uploading and downloading cycles available online. Thats right you can go online and find awesome pre programmed cycles for even more amazing results. So far the Blendtec Stealth has been deemed the quietest commercial blender in the world and is compatible with all of Blendtec jars. The Blender is programmable for up to 36 custom made blend cycles. « less

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